2018 Best Embroidery Sewing Machine

best embroidery sewing machine will be important tool for creating the best embroidery project. That is why there is nothing wrong to invest on the best embroidery machine which can be found in 2018. In this circumstance, the machines below must be considered.

best embroidery sewing machine


Brother SE400

There are some specifications which make Brother SE400 as one of the best embroidery machine people need to choose in 2018. This machine comes with sewing machine but of course we cannot forget that it also has capabilities of 4 x 4 embroidery function. The visible LCD touch screen surely will make this machine usable for creating much better design of embroidery. Besides the function for sewing the stitches and also embroidery design, this machine also comes with the function for sewing the lettering fonts. The designs can be imported from the computer right to the machine because it has computer connectivity. Last but not least, it must be great as well since this machine comes with automatic cutter for thread.


EverSewn Hero

There is no way people can be disappointed with EverSewn Hero because it is the machine which cannot only be used for sewing but also for embroidery. There are various designs which can be done with the machine including decorative embroidery pattern as well as stitch for alphabet pattern. There is also needle threader which can work automatically. The machine also comes with ability for monitoring the level of bobbin thread and also upper needle. It comes with eight presser feet and the work table with 6.5 inches measurement. Uploading design to the machine can be done easily since it comes with USB port. It is also completed with the software for embroidery conversion which can be downloaded. What a smart embroidery machine.


Brother PE770

For people who are looking for the best embroidery machine on budget, Brother PE770 will be a perfect choice for sure. It comes with various great specifications including the workspace which comes with 5 x 7 inches measurement. People must not forget about the LCD screen attached to the machine. The machine is also completed with various embroidery designs as well as fonts. It is possible for importing the design for better embroidery project because they can find the card slot as well as USB port easily. The bobbin and top thread threading is reliable so people can really explore their creativity for making embroidery with this machine which is also supported with automatic thread cutter.

Singer 7258

Last but not least, people must not forget about Singer 7258. Great specification makes this embroidery machine very tempting especially because the needle can be programmed while there is also needle threader with automatic setting. Controlling the speed of the machine can be done easily and the machine also comes with automatic tension. There also bobbin technology with top loading capability from this unit. It comes with metal frame for durability. The needle can be set in 13 positions. The capability of using twin needle surely will make the process of making embroidery craft better in every single way.

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