Electric Razor Foil vs Rotary: Which One Performs Better?

Electric razor foil vs rotary, what is the difference and which one can perform better? It might be the common question that most men often ask to themselves. But, answering the question is not an easy thing as both have their own specialties. The both shaving tools also apply different technology so that they also provide different results. How well the result is will depend on some factors. This makes the knowledge regards to the electric razor foil vs rotary is crucial. It will lead you to the correct choice of shaving tool. To know which one is better between the electric razor vs rotary, you should know the differentiation between them.

The Differentiation of Electric Razor Foil vs Rotary

Electric razor foil vs rotary have differentiation in some aspects. Both shaver tools also work in different ways. Razor foil is made of thin layer of metal. The metal layer is used to cover blades of the shaver tools so they are gentle enough and will not hurt the skin. How do the razor foils work? They work by cutting the hair that close enough to the skin after capturing it with their slots. It makes razor foils are able to perform closer shaving to the skin compared to the rotary. They can also work better if you want to shave the hair on the straight edges.

Meanwhile, the rotary shaver tools are specially designed to follow the face’s contour. They are best if used to cut long hairs. Rotary, just like its name means spinning or revolving. This enables the rotary shaver tools to move in a circular motion hair slips. As they can move in circular motion, the rotary razors can shave hairs in the difficult areas that usually can’t be reached by razor foil.

Electric Razor Foil vs Rotary, When You Have to Use Them

As the electric razor foil vs rotary work in such different ways, you should know the best time to use them. The electric razor foils are best used if you shave regularly every day. Unlike the rotary shaver tools, the electric razors foil are suitable for fine and straight hairs growth which don’t need much effort to cut off. They also suit if you want to have more precision of hair cutting. Meanwhile, the rotary razors will work better if you only shave in irregular times or you don’t shave very often. The spinning blades of the shaver are suitable the most for coarse hairs that grow in many directions. They also suit for you who don’t mind with the precision of hair cutting.